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The Perfect Workout Partner: Why Couples Who Sweat Together ...

Making a date with a workout buddy can help you get out of bed when the alarm goes off, can help you burn more calories if you think they're fitter than you and even, simply, make you perform better.

But what if that "date" is just that -- a date! Working out with your special someone won't just make you both fitter, you'll fit better together. ?When a couple works out together, the actual exercise itself can physically and emotionally have a positive impact,? marriage and relationship psychotherapist Dr. Jane Greer told YouBeauty. "Both partners come away with feelings of synchronicity, cooperative spirit and shared passion. Then you throw in some spicy endorphins and it can be a real power trip for the relationship."

That time you would spend at the gym suddenly becomes "us" time, and that otherwise-boring walk you were planning to take after dinner becomes more fun with good company. Not to mention that if you're walking with weight loss in mind, you're more likely to meet your goals with social support.

Plus, you'll share some of the added benefits of working out, like less stress, better sleep and a sharper brain, all of which can only help you as you navigate the years together. And regular exercise has been linked to a better time in the bedroom, too: Exercise not only seems to protect against erectile dysfunction, it also improves blood flow in a way that can help you more easily get in the mood.

It might not always be easy. Maybe your fitness routines diverge -- one of you loves yoga and one of you can't stomach a Downward Dog. But trying something new and different together can bring you closer.

So, in honor of Valentine's Day, we asked our readers to show us their favorite photos of their sweaty sweethearts -- whether after a hike, at the finish line of a 5K or mid-Pilates. Send your photos to healthyliving@huffingtonpost.com.

  • "My fiance and I just ran our first marathon together, stride for stride." --Meaghan Calnan

  • "Me and my boyfriend, Ben, hiking at Mohican State Park in Ohio." --Katie Troyer

  • "My husband and I did a 10K together in the fall of 2012." --Maggie Savage

  • "Hiking in the Dolomites near Misurina" --<a href="https://twitter.com/titeyogarunner">@titeyogarunner</a>

  • "PK Kalentzis (husband) and I finished our first half marathon in Houston on 1/13/13!" --Denise Kalentzis

  • "At Tough Mudder." --Michelle Orlina

  • "My husband is a marathoner, but I am not ... at all. This was our first post-baby race together in Denver, Colorado." --Sarah Neumann

  • "The love of my life and ultra runner, Brian Gutierrez, trained me for my first marathon in October 2012. He kept me motivated and in high spirits when I felt like walking -- and cursing the gods at moments! We ran it together on my birthday and grew closer every step of the way!" --Haleyrae

  • "Here is a picture of my husband and I before my first 10K ever!" --Joanne Leonardis

  • "My boyfriend and I mountain bike in Minnesota!" --Holly Solberg

  • "My husband ran the marathon, and I my first half-marathon, in Munich last fall. Here we are after the finish! This year we'll run together in Budapest and Prague." --Adri Bruckner

  • "My husband and I after the Atlanta Color Run 2012!" --Emma Paige

  • "My fiance Greg James and I at a Christmas Carol run in Denver last December." --Lisa Rutledge

  • "My wife and I took a trip last week to Bryson, North Carolina and specifically to the Smoky Mountain National Park. We did about 30 miles of hiking in total. We are from Michigan and enjoyed the 'warm' weather (high 30s and mid-40s). We also took our two dogs and hiked with them outside of the National Park. Good times." --Jason Shinn

  • "32nd birthday 5K!" --Sherrill Zubrin

  • "Chris and I have been dating nearly four months now. We both decided that we'd like to try new things, and when the Color in Motion 5K around the Reliant Arena popped up in one of our Groupon feeds, well, we thought we'd give it a shot. We loved it! We cannot wait to do our next one, and attempt a better time." --Liana Jensen

  • "My husband and I always incorporate hiking into our vacations. Here are some photos of our recent jungle hike from Mismaloya to El Eden, just south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Unfortunately, there are no photos of us together. We didn't see any fellow hikers who could snap a photo! It was awesome." --Janelle Davis and Jim Mosby

  • "This is my boyfriend Ed and me after finishing New York Road Runner's Queens 10K last July. We are both die-hard New Yorkers so last year, we ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon, the Queens 10K and the Bronx 10-Mile together. This year we will be running the NYC Half Marathon next month and the ING NYC Marathon in November." --Bernadette Chan

  • "At Charlestown state park in Charlestown, Ind., taking a hike on a trail that goes along the Ohio river." --Jonathan Bischof

  • "My husband Ryan ran his first ever half marathon in Richmond, VA last year. Then he waited at the finish line for me to finish the full marathon. Best husband ever!" --Megan Schulze

  • "My husband loves to compete in triathlons, and he convinced me to join him. I was far behind, but we loved training together." --Kate Hyland

  • "We teach fitness classes together, and get certifications together. Our students think it's adorable to have a couple as instructors." --Crystal Shimono

  • "Capulin Volcano 1/2 Marathon in New Mexico" -- Mary Helen Short

  • "My wife and I ran Reach The Beach. We had such a great time." --Juston

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